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Now you have learned the sounds of Cantonese and two stories, you are ready for a staring role in your very first Cantonese play! Which role will you choose?

In this special version of Cinderella, you will widen your everyday vocab, go shopping and learn some chat up lines as you follow the adventure of 灰姑娘 fui1 gu1 noeng4 (Cinderella), the poor girl who has to do so many chores for her wicked step-mother in the Big White House on the Peak, while her ugly sisters are mean to her. Luckily, she meet a friendly vegetable seller at the Wanchai market who tells her about her sister and her magic dress shop, and so:

媽 哩 媽 哩 空!

maa1 lei5 maa1 lei5 hung1


Cinderella is able to go to the ball and meet the man of her dreams, the Karaoke Prince of Hong Kong!

Of course, the next day she can't find her shoe, and so you are able to learn many useful prepositions while she looks for it. Again, the text is designed for you to take the phrases and use them in you interactions around town. Just click on the image below to access the script. Scene 1 is heavy on new vocab, so I suggest following the recording and approaching it in 3 parts. Print off the script and take a highlighter pen to the words you already know, then listen along with Fonnie and Man Long. Practice your fluency with those parts first, then look at the words that are new to you. Most of all, enjoy the process!

Silver and Beige Stilettos



fui1 gu1 noeng4

The sound clips are set out below. A great way to practice is to perform and I would love to see your efforts, whether it is reading aloud to an "adopted" child or old person, or putting on your own performance of Cinderella in Cantonese. Please do share with me! 

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00:00 / 01:43
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